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Molluscs of Tasmania

Marginellidae – Marginellinae: Austroginella formicula Lamarck, 1822 (‘Ant-like margin-shell’)

Synonym(s): formicula Lamarck, 1822.

Typical shell-length 9.0 mm. Colour varies from off-white to orange. The low, wavy ribs on the shoulder of the body-whorl are characteristic. Lives subtidally in sand in moderately exposed environments. Native. Endemic to southeastern Australia (TAS and VIC). In Tasmanian waters, this is a widespread species, but seldom common except in the SE and NW.


Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Caenogastropoda – Sorbeoconcha
Order: Hypsogastropoda – Neogastropoda
Superfamily: Muricoidea
Family: Marginellidae
Subfamily: Marginellidae
Genus: Austroginella

Localities for Austroginella formicula

Bangor: Lagoon Bay
Blackmans Bay
Black River Beach: northern end
Black River Beach: southern end
Bruny Island: Neck Beach
Bruny Island (unlocalised)
Burnie (unlocalised)
Carlton: Park Beach
Clifton Beach: western end
Cox Bight (unlocalised)
Davey River: Carvers Point
Deephole Bay
Falmouth: Mariposa Beach
Flinders Island: Palana Beach
Fortescue Bay
Frederick Henry Bay (unlocalised)
Great Oyster Bay
Howrah Beach
King Island: Colliers Beach
King Island: Grassy Harbour: Sandblow Bay
King Island: Little Porky Beach
King Island: Naracoopa: foreshore
King Island (unlocalised)
Kingston Beach
Kingston: Boronia Beach
Lauderdale: Roches Beach
Maria Island: Darlington Bay
Maria Island: Hopground Beach
Maria Island: Oyster Bay
Maria Island: Trigonia Corner
Marion Bay: northern beaches
Marrawah: Green Point Beach
North Bruny Island: Miles Beach
North Bruny Island: Nebraska Beach
Nubeena: Roaring Beach
Nubeena: White Beach
Orford: Spring Beach
Orford (unlocalised)
Pirates Bay: near landing
Pirates Bay (unlocalised)
Planters Beach to Fishers Point
Port Arthur: Denmans Cove
Port Davey: Spain Bay
Port Davey: Whalers Cove
Robbins Island: Ransonnet Bay
Saltwater River (unlocalised)
South Bruny Island: Adventure Bay: Two Tree Point
South Bruny Island: Butlers Beach
South Bruny Island: Cloudy Beaches: eastern beach
South coast of Tasmania (unlocalised)
South East coast of Tasmania (unlocalised)
Southport: Big Lagoon Beach
Stanley: foreshore
Taroona: Alum Cliffs
Taroona Beach
Taroona: Dixons Beach
Taroona: Hinsby Beach
Tasmania (unlocalised)
Three Hummock Island: Mermaid Bay
Three Hummock Island: Three Gullies Bay
Three Hummock Island: Three Gullies Bay: southern end
Tinderbox Beach
Trial Harbour
Trial Harbour area

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species image
locality map