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Molluscs of Tasmania

Velutinidae – Lamellariinae: Lamellaria ophione Gray, 1850 (‘titan lamellaria’)

Synonym(s): ophione Gray, 1849.

Typical shell-length 20 mm. As in all lamellarias, the animal is much larger than its shell. Shell resembles a Sinum but smaller, thinner and lacking striations. Lives subtidally under rocks and stones. Native. Occurs in southeastern and southwestern Australia (TAS, VIC, SA and WA); also New Zealand. In Tasmanian waters, this is a widespread but rare species, least so in the N.


Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Caenogastropoda – Sorbeoconcha
Order: Hypsogastropoda – Littorinimorpha
Superfamily: Velutinoidea
Family: Velutinidae
Subfamily: Lamellariinae
Genus: Lamellaria

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