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Molluscs of Tasmania

Volutidae – Cymbiinae: Livonia mammilla (G. B. Sowerby I, 1844) (‘false baler’)

Synonym(s): mammilla Sowerby, 1844 leucostoma Mayblom, 1951 quisqualis Iredale, 1957.

Typical shell-length 300 mm. The largest gastropod in Tasmania. The greatly swollen apex is distinctive. Lives subtidally and offshore on sand and mud, emerging at night to feed. Native. Endemic to southern and eastern Australia (QLD, NSW, TAS, VIC and SA). In Tasmanian waters, this is a widespread species, but seldom beached intact.
N.B. The name quisqualis may refer to a hybrid between L. mammilla and L. roadknightae.


Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Caenogastropoda – Sorbeoconcha
Order: Hypsogastropoda – Neogastropoda
Superfamily: Muricoidea
Family: Volutidae
Subfamily: Cymbiinae
Genus: Livonia

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