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Molluscs of Tasmania

Ostreidae – Crassostreinae: Magallana gigas (Thunberg, 1793) (‘Pacific oyster’)

Synonym(s): gigas Thunberg, 1793 laperousi Schrenk, 1861 talienwhanensis Crosse, 1862.

Typical shell-length 130 mm. Lives intertidally and subtidally attached to rocks and shells by the left valve, and sometimes forming dense accretions. Non-native. Occurs in southeastern Australia (NSW, TAS, VIC and SA); also northeast Asia (native) and widely introduced elsewhere. In Tasmanian waters, this is a widespread and common species following intentional introduction from Japan for commercial culture for food.


Class: Bivalvia
Subclass: Pteriomorphia
Order: Ostreoida
Superfamily: Ostreoidea
Family: Ostreidae
Subfamily: Crassostreinae
Genus: Magallana

A-l Localities for Magallana gigas

Bicheno: Courland Bay
Bicheno: Redbill Beach
Bicheno: Rice Beach
Bicheno: Waubs Beach
Binalong Bay: Grants Lagoon
Binalong Bay: Jeanneret Beach
Blackman Bay: Little Chinaman Bay
Blackman Bay: Long Spit: bay to E
Blackman Bay: Porpoise Hole
Blackman Bay (unlocalised)
Blackmans Bay
Black River Beach: northern end
Black River Beach: southern end
Bridgewater: foreshore
Bridport: beach
Bridport (unlocalised)
Bruny Island: Neck Beach
Calverts Beach & Goats Bluff
Cambridge: Barilla Bay
Cape Portland: Home Beach
Carlton Beach: Spectacle Island
Carlton: Park Beach
Charlotte Cove
Clifton Beach: western end
Cockle Creek Bay
Coles Bay: Richardsons Beach
Coningham Beach
Coningham: foreshore
Connellys Bay
Cremorne: foreshore
Cremorne: Pipe Clay Lagoon
Deephole Bay
Denison Beach (unlocalised)
Dodges Ferry: Okines Beach
Dover: beach
Dover: Roaring Bay Beach
Dunalley Bay
Eaglehawk Neck: eastern side
East Devonport: beach & breakwater
East Devonport: Berth 1
East Devonport: Moorland Beach
East Devonport: Pardoe Point
Eggs-and-Bacon Bay
Electrona: Peggys Beach
Flinders Island: Northeast River: mouth
Frederick Henry Bay: Sloping Island
Freycinet Peninsula: Wineglass Bay
Friendly Beaches
Garden Island Sands
Georges Bay: Akaroa: foreshore
Georges Bay: Moulting Bay: Bayview
Georges Bay: St Helens: foreshore
Hawley Beach: foreshore towards Point Sorell
Herlihys Bay: coast to E
Hobart: Battery Point
Hobart: Sandy Bay: Long Beach to Blinking Billy Point
Hobart (unlocalised)
Howden: foreshore
Howden: Stinkpot Bay
Howrah Beach
Kettering foreshore
Kettering: Oyster Cove
Kettering: Trial Bay
King Island: Naracoopa: foreshore
King Island: Yellow Rock Beach
Kingston Beach
Kingston: Boronia Beach
Lauderdale: Bambra Reef
Lauderdale: Roches Beach
Lauderdale: Seven Mile Beach
Launceston (unlocalised)
Leith: foreshore
Lewisham (unlocalised)
Lime Bay
Lime Bay: Black Rock: beach
Lime Bay: Green Head
Little Coningham Beach
Little Peggs Beach
Little Swanport: Saltworks Beach
Low Head (unlocalised)
Lymington: Copper Alley Bay
Lymington: Drip Beach

species image
species image
species image
species image
M-Z Localities for Magallana gigas

Margate: Dru Point & Nierinna Creek mouth
Maria Island: Trigonia Corner
Marion Bay: Bream Creek foreshore
Mayfield Beach to Mayfield Point
Middleton: foreshore
Monk Bay
Murdunna: Duck Creek Beach
Murdunna: Sommers Beach
Musselroe Point
Narawntapu: Bakers Beach
Narawntapu: Bakers Point & Springlawn Beach
Narawntapu: Griffiths Point
North Bruny Island: Apollo Bay
North Bruny Island: Barnes Bay
North Bruny Island: Dennes Point
North Bruny Island: Ford Bay
North Bruny Island: Great Bay: Smoothys Point
North Bruny Island: Killora Bay
North Bruny Island: Killora: Rat Bay
North Bruny Island: Little Fancy Bay
North Bruny Island: Nebraska Beach
North Bruny Island: Quarantine Bay
North Bruny Island: Roberts Point
Opossum Bay: The Spit & Shelly Beach
Orford: East Shelly Beach
Orford: Raspins Beach
Peggs Beach: eastern end
Peggs Beach: western end
Pirates Bay (unlocalised)
Pitt Water (unlocalised)
Port Arthur: Big Possum Beach
Port Arthur: Little Possum Beach
Port Arthur: Safety Cove
Port Cygnet: Cray Point
Port Davey: Bond Bay
Port Esperance: Stringers Cove
Premaydena: Impression Bay
Primrose Beach to Carlton Bluff
Randalls Bay
Rocky Cape: Forwards Beach
Rocky Cape: Mary Anne Cove area
Rocky Cape: Picnic Beach & rocks to S
Sandy Bay: Nutgrove Beach
Sloping Lagoon: Lagoon Beach
Sloping Main Beach
Sloping Main: Black Jack Point
Snug Beach
Somerset: foreshore
Sorell: causeway
Sorell: Oaks Point
South Arm: Fort Beach
South Arm: Hope Beach: southern end
South Arm: Pigeon Holes
South Bruny Island: Adventure Bay: Cemetery Bluff
South Bruny Island: Adventure Bay: northern end
South Bruny Island: Alonnah Beach
South Bruny Island: Alonnah: Sunset Bay
South Bruny Island: Butlers Beach
South Bruny Island: Cloudy Bay Lagoon
South Bruny Island: Cloudy Beaches: western beach
South Bruny Island: Lunawanna: Daniels Bay
South Bruny Island: Neck Beach: Blighs Rocks
South Bruny Island: Simpsons Bay
Southport: Roaring Beach
Stack Island
Stanley: Anthony Beach
Stanley: foreshore
Stanley: Godfreys Beach
Stanley: Green Hills: West Inlet entrance
Stanley: Halfmoon Bay
Stanley: Tatlows Beach
Swansea: Lisdillon Beach
Tamar River: Beauty Point: Inspection Head area
Tamar River: Bell Bay: power-station jetty
Tamar River: Blackwall: foreshore
Tamar River: channel entrance
Tamar River: Egg Island Point
Tamar River: George Town: York Cove
Tamar River: Gravelly Beach
Tamar River: Kelso: foreshore
Tamar River: Rowella: Willmores Bluff
Tamar River: West Arm
Tamar River: Windermere: foreshore
Taroona Beach
Taroona: Dixons Beach
Taroona: Hinsby Beach
Tasmania (unlocalised)
The Gardens: Cosy Corner
The Gardens: Swimcart Beach
Tinderbox Beach
Tinderbox: Bellendena: foreshore
Tinderbox: Fishermans Haul
Tinderbox: Fossil Cove
Verona Sands
West Ulverstone: foreshore
Woodbridge: Birchs Bay & Yellow Point
Woodbridge: Fleurtys Bay & Point
Woodbridge: Flowerpot
Woodbridge: foreshore & Birchs Point
Wykeholm Point & Bay

locality map
species image
species image
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