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Molluscs of Tasmania

Ellobiidae – Pedipedinae: Myosotella myosotis (Draparnaud, 1801) (‘European air-breather’)

Synonym(s): myosotis Draparnaud, 1801 meridionalis Brazier, 1877.
Typical shell-length 6.0 mm. Lives intertidally amongst strand-line debris in saltmarsh and other sheltered environments. Native. Occurs in southeastern Australia (NSW, TAS, VIC and SA); also Europe (native) and widely introduced elsewhere. In Tasmania this introduced species is locally abundant in the SE and NW.


Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Heterobranchia
Order: Pulmonata – Eupulmonata
Superfamily: Ellobioidea
Family: Ellobiidae
Subfamily: Pedipedinae
Genus: Myosotella

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species image
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