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Molluscs of Tasmania

Cypraeidae – Cypraeovulinae: Notocypraea piperita (Gray, 1825) (‘peppered cowrie’)

Synonym(s): piperita Gray, 1825 bicolor Gaskoin, 1848 reticulifera Schilder, 1924 occidentalis Iredale, 1935 wilkinsi Grifiths, 1962.
Typical shell-length 20 mm. Shell outline narrow. Dorsum usually bears interrupted peach-coloured bands on a paler background; ventral margin bears many very small dark spots. Lives subtidally under rocks and stones. Native. Endemic to southeastern and southwestern Australia (NSW, TAS, VIC, SA and WA). In Tasmanian waters, this species is only found in the N, where sometimes quite common.


Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Caenogastropoda – Sorbeoconcha
Order: Hypsogastropoda – Littorinimorpha
Superfamily: Cypraeoidea
Family: Cypraeidae
Subfamily: Pustulariinae
Genus: Notocypraea

Localities for Notocypraea piperita

Black River Beach: northern end
Black River Beach: southern end
Bridport: East Sandy Point
Bridport (unlocalised)
Burnie: Blythe Heads & estuary
Burnie: Titan Point
Cape Portland: Home Beach
Cape Portland: Petal Point
Cape Portland: Roses Bay
Clarke Island: Black Point
Clarke Island: Black Point – beach to N
Clarke Island: Dip Point to Black Rocks
Clayton: foreshore
Devonport: Bluff Beach
East Devonport: Moorland Beach
East Devonport: Pardoe Beach
East Devonport: Pardoe Beach: The Water Rat
East Devonport: Pardoe Point
East Ulverstone
Flinders Island: Bun Beetons Point
Flinders Island: Fotheringate Bay
Flinders Island: Fotheringate Beach: southern end
Flinders Island: Killiecrankie: foreshore
Flinders Island: Leeka: foreshore towards Twelve Hour Point
Flinders Island: Northeast River: mouth
Flinders Island: Tanners Bay
Flinders Island: The Dock
Freycinet Peninsula: Wineglass Bay
Goat Island: foreshore of island and nearby mainland
Greens Beach: main beach
Hawley Beach: foreshore towards Point Sorell
Hellyer Beach
King Island: Currie Harbour
King Island: Grassy Harbour
King Island: Naracoopa: foreshore
King Island: Red Hut Point
King Island: Seal Bay: Black Point
King Island: Seal Point
King Island: Surprise Bay
King Island (unlocalised)
Kingston Beach
Leith: foreshore
Leith: Lillico Beach
Little Peggs Beach
Low Head (unlocalised)
Lulworth: Tam O”Shanter Bay
Musselroe Point
Narawntapu: Bakers Beach
Narawntapu: Copper Cove
Narawntapu: Griffiths Point
Narawntapu: Little Badger Head
North coast of Tasmania (unlocalised)
Orford (unlocalised)
Peggs Beach: eastern end
Peggs Beach: western end
Penguin: Lonah & Lodders Point
Pipers Head
Prime Seal Island: Sealers Cove
Rocky Cape: Anniversary Bay
Rocky Cape: Castle Rock Bay
Rocky Cape: Forwards Beach
Rocky Cape: Mary Anne Cove area
Rocky Cape: Picnic Beach & rocks to S
Sisters Beach
Somerset: foreshore
Stanley: Anthony Beach
Stanley: Circular Head
Stanley: Cow Rock beach
Stanley: foreshore
Stanley: Godfreys Beach
Stanley: Tatlows Beach
Tamar River: Kelso: foreshore
Tasmania (unlocalised)
The Gardens: Swimcart Beach
Tomahawk Beach
Turners Beach
West Ulverstone: foreshore
West Ulverstone: Picnic Point Beach
West Ulverstone: Picnic Point: beach to W
Woolnorth: Woolnorth Point
Wynyard: Fossil Bluff

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