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Molluscs of Tasmania

Amphibolidae: Salinator fragilis (Lamarck, 1822) (‘fragile air-breather’)

Synonym(s): fragilis Lamarck, 1822 quoyana Potiez & Michaud, 1838.
Typical shell-length 15 mm. Lives intertidally on sand and mud in sheltered environments. Native. Endemic to southeastern and southwestern Australia (TAS, VIC, SA and WA). In Tasmanian waters, this is a widespread and locally abundant species.


Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Heterobranchia
Order: Pulmonata – Basommatophora
Superfamily: Amphiboloidea
Family: Amphibolidae
Genus: Salinator

A-L Localities for Salinator fragilis

Ansons Bay
Bathurst Channel: Schooner Cove
Bicheno: Old Mines Lagoon
Bicheno: Redbill Beach
Binalong Bay: Dora Point
Blackman Bay: Little Chinaman Bay
Blackman Bay: Long Spit: bay to E
Blackman Bay: near mouth of Blackman Rivulet
Blackman Bay: Porpoise Hole
Blackman Bay (unlocalised)
Blackmans Bay
Black River Beach: northern end
Black River Beach: southern end
Boltons Beach
Bridport: Adams Beach
Bridport: beach
Bridport: Lades Beach
Bridport (unlocalised)
Bruny Island (unlocalised)
Cambridge: Barilla Bay
Cape Barren Island: Kenneth Point
Cape Barren Island: Kenneth Point: foreshore to E
Cape Barren Island (unlocalised)
Cape Portland: Boobyalla Beach
Cape Portland: Lanoma Point
Cape Portland (unlocalised)
Carlton Beach: Spectacle Island
Carlton: Park Beach
Cockle Creek Bay
Coles Bay: Richardsons Beach
Connellys Bay
Cremorne: foreshore
Cremorne: Pipe Clay Lagoon
Devonport: Bluff Beach
Devonport: Coles Beach
Devonport: Don Heads
Devonport: Mersey River
Devonport: Paradise Cove (unlocalised)
Dianas Basin
Dodges Ferry: Okines Beach
Dover: beach
Dover (unlocalised)
Dunalley Bay
Dunalley: beach
Dunalley (unlocalised)
Eaglehawk Neck: western side
Earlham: foreshore
Earlham Lagoon
East Devonport: beach & breakwater
East Devonport: Moorland Beach
East Ulverstone
East Ulverstone: Buttons Beach
East Wynyard: beach
Eggs-and-Bacon Bay
Falmouth: foreshore
Flinders Island: Arthur Bay: Long Point
Flinders Island: Badger Corner
Flinders Island: Foochow Inlet
Flinders Island: Fotheringate Bay
Flinders Island: Fotheringate Beach: southern end
Flinders Island: Lady Barron: Yellow Beaches
Flinders Island: Leeka: foreshore towards Twelve Hour Point
Flinders Island: Logan Lagoon
Flinders Island: Northeast River: mouth
Flinders Island: Parrys Bay: Double Corner
Flinders Island: Parrys Bay (unlocalised)
Flinders Island: Patriarch Beach
Flinders Island: Patriarch Inlet
Flinders Island: Sellars Lagoon
Flinders Island: Tanners Bay
Flinders Island: White Beach to Dick Davey Shoal
Flinders Island: Whitemark Beach
Franklin: foreshore
Freycinet Peninsula (unlocalised)
Garden Island Sands
Georges Bay: Akaroa: foreshore
Georges Bay: Blanche Point
Georges Bay: Burns Bay
Georges Bay: Moulting Bay: Bayview
Georges Bay: Moulting Bay (unlocalised)
Georges Bay: St Helens: foreshore
Georges Bay: St Helens (unlocalised)
Georges Bay: Stieglitz: foreshore
Glenorchy: Cornelian Bay
Great Musselroe Bay
Greens Beach: main beach
Hawley Beach: foreshore towards Point Sorell
Hellyer Beach
Howden: foreshore
Kettering: Oyster Cove
Kettering (unlocalised)
King Island: Sea Elephant Lagoon
Kingston Beach
Koonya: Newmans Beach
Koonya: Parkers Beach
Lauderdale: Ralphs Bay
Lauderdale: Roches Beach
Lauderdale: Seven Mile Beach
Leith: foreshore
Leven River: mouth
Lewisham (unlocalised)
Lime Bay
Little Musselroe Bay: Lyme Regis Lagoon
Little Musselroe Bay: Tree Point area
Little Peggs Beach
Low Head: Lagoon Beach
Low Head (unlocalised)

species image
species image
species image
M-Z Localities for Salinator fragilis

Macquarie Harbour: Kelly Basin
Margate: Dru Point & Nierinna Creek mouth
Margate foreshore
Maria Island: Chinamans Creek
Maria Island: Encampment Cove
Maria Island: Shoal Bay: McRaes Isthmus
Marion Bay: Bream Creek foreshore
Marion Bay (unlocalised)
Melaleuca Inlet
Middleton: foreshore
Mortimer Bay: Gorringes Beach
Moulting Lagoon: Pelican Bay
Murdunna: Duck Creek Beach
Murdunna: Sommers Beach
Narawntapu: Bakers Beach
Narawntapu: Bakers Point & Springlawn Beach
Narawntapu: Copper Cove
Narawntapu: Griffiths Point
Narawntapu: Little Badger Head
Nine Mile Beach & Dolphin Sands
North Bruny Island: Great Bay: Smoothys Point
Nubeena: White Beach
Orford: Prosser River: mouth
Peggs Beach: eastern end
Peggs Beach (unlocalised)
Peggs Beach: western end
Pipers Head
Pirates Bay (unlocalised)
Pittwater Bluff: foreshore to W
Pitt Water (unlocalised)
Port Arthur: Denmans Cove
Port Arthur: Little Possum Beach
Port Davey: Bond Bay
Port Davey (unlocalised)
Port Huon (unlocalised)
Port Sorell: beach
Port Sorell (unlocalised)
Premaydena: Impression Bay
Ralphs Bay: Maria Point
Ralphs Bay (unlocalised)
Rheban Beach
Richmond: Coal River estuary
Risdon foreshore
Robbins Island: Ransonnet Bay
Rocky Cape: foreshore N of Picnic Beach
Rocky Cape: Forwards Beach
Rocky Cape: Picnic Beach & rocks to S
Rocky Cape (unlocalised)
Rokeby Beach
Scamander (unlocalised)
Shearwater: Freers Beach
Sisters Beach
Sloping Main Beach
Smithton: Duck River mouth
Smithton: Perkins Island
Snug Beach
Sorell: causeway
Sorell: Oaks Point
Sorell: Orielton Lagoon
South Arm Neck: northern side
South Bruny Island: Alonnah Beach
South Bruny Island: Cloudy Bay Lagoon
South Bruny Island: Cloudy Beaches: eastern beach
South Bruny Island: Great Taylors Bay
South Bruny Island: Little Taylors Bay
South Bruny Island: Lunawanna: Daniels Bay
South Bruny Island: Old Jetty Beach
South Bruny Island: Simpsons Bay
South Bruny Island: Simpsons Bay: southern end
South Croppies Point
Southport Lagoon: northern end
Southport Lagoon: southern end
Stanley: Anthony Beach
Stanley: East Inlet
Stanley: foreshore
Stanley: Godfreys Beach
Stanley: Green Hills: West Inlet entrance
Stanley: Tatlows Beach
Stanley (unlocalised)
Stanley: West Inlet
Swansea: Coswell Beach
Swansea: Kelvedon Beach
Swansea: Lisdillon Beach
Swansea: Lisdillon Lagoon
Swansea: Meredith River: mouth
Swansea (unlocalised)
Swanwick: foreshore
Tamar Island
Tamar River: Batman Bridge
Tamar River: Bell Bay: Big Bay
Tamar River: Bell Bay: Deceitful Cove
Tamar River: Bell Bay: Donovans Bay
Tamar River: Bell Bay: power-station jetty
Tamar River: Brickmakers Point
Tamar River: Clarence Point: foreshore
Tamar River: Devils Elbow
Tamar River: Dilston: foreshore
Tamar River: East Arm
Tamar River: Egg Island Point
Tamar River: George Town: foreshore
Tamar River: George Town: She Oak Point area
Tamar River: Gravelly Beach
Tamar River: Hillwood: foreshore
Tamar River: Ilfraville: Sandy Beach
Tamar River: Kelso: foreshore
Tamar River: Legana Beach
Tamar River: Legana: Freshwater Point
Tamar River: Lone Pine Point
Tamar River: Middle Arm
Tamar River: Middle Arm: Cobblestone Creek
Tamar River: Middle Arm: Shag Head
Tamar River: Mowbray Point
Tamar River: Paper Beach
Tamar River: Robigana: Supply River: mouth
Tamar River: Rosevears: foreshore
Tamar River: Rowella: Middle Point
Tamar River: Rowella: West Bay
Tamar River: Swan Bay
Tamar River: Swan Point to Little Swan Point
Tamar River: West Arm
Tamar River: West Arm: Andersons Creek
Tamar River: Windermere: foreshore
Tamar River: York Town: creek mouth
Taroona Beach
Taroona: Hinsby Beach
Tasmania (unlocalised)
The Gardens: Swimcart Beach
Tomahawk Beach
Ulverstone (unlocalised)
Walker Island
Welcome River: mouth
Weymouth: beach
Woodbridge: Fleurtys Bay & Point
Woodbridge: foreshore & Birchs Point
Wynyard: Inglis River mouth
Wynyard (unlocalised)

locality map
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