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Molluscs of Tasmania

Limapontiidae: Stiliger smaragdinus Baba, 1949 (’emerald sea-slug’)

Synonym(s): smaragdinus Baba, 1949.

Typical body-length 50 mm. Lives intertidally and subtidally amongst seaweed, specifically various Caulerpa species with globular vesicles, on which it feeds. Native. Occurs all around Australia (QLD, NSW, TAS, VIC, SA, WA and NT); also New Zealand and elsewhere in the tropical and temperate Indo-Pacific.


Class: Gastropoda
Subclass: Heterobranchia
Order: Sacoglossa – Placobranchacea
Superfamily: Limapontioidea
Family: Limapontiidae
Genus: Stiliger

Localities for Stiliger smaragdinus
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