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Molluscs of Tasmania

Mytilidae: Xenostrobus inconstans (Dunker, 1856) (‘variable mussel’)

Synonym(s): inconstans Dunker, 1856 nebulosa Tenison-Woods, 1877 semivestita Tate, 1887 non Dunker, 1871 angasi Clessin, 1889.

Typical shell-length 28 mm. Shell typically brown, occasionally with black zones. Lives intertidally amongst seaweed and seagrass, in estuarine and other sheltered environments. Native. Endemic to southeastern and southwestern Australia (TAS, VIC, SA and WA). In Tasmanian waters, this is a widespread and locally common species.


Class: Bivalvia
Subclass: Pteriomorphia
Order: Mytiloida
Superfamily: Mytiloidea
Family: Cerithiopsidae
Genus: Xenostrobus

A-L Localities for Xenostrobus inconstans

Blackman Bay: Little Chinaman Bay
Blackman Bay: Long Spit: bay to E
Blackman Bay: near mouth of Blackman Rivulet
Blackman Bay: Porpoise Hole
Blackman Bay (unlocalised)
Black River Beach: northern end
Bruny Island: Isthmus Bay
Bruny Island (unlocalised)
Cape Barren Island: Battery Bay
Cape Barren Island: Bungs Beach
Cape Barren Island: Kenneth Point
Cape Barren Island: Kenneth Point: foreshore to E
Cape Barren Island: Neds Point
Cape Barren Island: Rooks River mouth
Cape Barren Island (unlocalised)
Cape Portland (unlocalised)
Coles Bay: foreshore
Connellys Bay
Cremorne: Pipe Clay Lagoon
Dianas Basin
Dunalley Bay
Dunalley: beach
East Devonport: Pardoe Point
East Wynyard: beach
Eddystone Point: Deep Creek
Electrona: Peggys Beach
Flinders Island: Arthur Bay: Long Point
Flinders Island: Badger Corner
Flinders Island: Foochow Beach
Flinders Island: Fotheringate Bay
Flinders Island: Fotheringate Beach: southern end
Flinders Island: Killiecrankie: foreshore
Flinders Island: Lady Barron: Watering Beach
Flinders Island: Lady Barron: Yellow Beaches
Flinders Island: Northeast River: mouth
Flinders Island: Parrys Bay: Double Corner
Flinders Island: Patriarch Inlet
Flinders Island: Sawyers Bay
Flinders Island: Spences Reef
Flinders Island: Tanners Bay
Flinders Island: Tanners Bay: Pine Scrub
Flinders Island: Trousers Point: beach
Flinders Island (unlocalised)
Flinders Island: White Beach to Dick Davey Shoal
Flinders Island: Whitemark Beach
Georges Bay: Akaroa: foreshore
Georges Bay: St Helens: foreshore
Howden: foreshore
Kettering: Oyster Cove
Kettering (unlocalised)
Koonya: Newmans Beach
Leith: foreshore
Lime Bay
Little Musselroe Bay: Lyme Regis Lagoon
Low Head (unlocalised)

Xenostrobus inconstans
Xenostrobus inconstans
Xenostrobus inconstans
Localities for Xenostrobus inconstans

Margate: Dru Point & Nierinna Creek mouth
Maria Island: Chinamans Bay
Maria Island: Encampment Cove
Maria Island: Gulls Nest Point
Maria Island: Hopground Beach
Marion Bay: Bream Creek foreshore
North Bruny Island: Apollo Bay
North Bruny Island: Ford Bay
North Bruny Island: Great Bay: Smoothys Point
North Bruny Island: Sandgrove Point
Outer Sister Island
Pitt Water (unlocalised)
Ralphs Bay: Maria Point
Randalls Bay
Robbins Island: Ransonnet Bay
Shearwater: Freers Beach
Smithton: Perkins Island
Sorell: causeway
South Bruny Island: Alonnah Beach
South Bruny Island: Bay of Islands
South Bruny Island: Little Taylors Bay
South Bruny Island: Lunawanna: Daniels Bay
South Bruny Island: Mickeys Bay
South Bruny Island: Simpsons Bay
South Bruny Island: Simpsons Bay: southern end
South East coast of Tasmania (unlocalised)
Stanley: Anthony Beach
Stanley: East Inlet
Stanley: Halfmoon Bay
Stanley: Tatlows Beach
Stanley: West Inlet
Tamar River: Batman Bridge
Tamar River: Beauty Point: Inspection Head area
Tamar River: Bell Bay: Big Bay
Tamar River: Bell Bay: Deceitful Cove
Tamar River: Bell Bay: Donovans Bay
Tamar River: Bell Bay: power-station jetty
Tamar River: Bell Bay: Sawyers Point
Tamar River: Blackwall: foreshore
Tamar River: Brickmakers Point
Tamar River: Clarence Point: foreshore
Tamar River: Devils Elbow
Tamar River: Dilston: foreshore
Tamar River: East Arm
Tamar River: Egg Island Point
Tamar River: George Town: foreshore
Tamar River: George Town: York Cove
Tamar River: Gravelly Beach
Tamar River: Hillwood: foreshore
Tamar River: Ilfraville: Redbill Point
Tamar River: Kelso: foreshore
Tamar River: Legana: Freshwater Point
Tamar River: Lone Pine Point
Tamar River: Long Reach
Tamar River: Middle Arm
Tamar River: Mowbray Point
Tamar River: Native Point
Tamar River: Paper Beach
Tamar River: Robigana: Supply River: mouth
Tamar River: Rosevears: foreshore
Tamar River: Rowella: West Bay
Tamar River: Rowella: Willmores Bluff
Tamar River: Spring Bay
Tamar River: Swan Bay
Tamar River: Swan Point to Little Swan Point
Tamar River: West Arm
Tamar River: Windermere: foreshore
Tamar River: York Town: creek mouth
Tasmania (unlocalised)
Walker Island
Welcome River: mouth
Woodbridge: Birchs Bay & Yellow Point
Woodbridge: foreshore & Birchs Point
Wynyard (unlocalised)

Xenostrobus inconstans
Xenostrobus inconstans